Monday, 31 October 2011

The Loom of Time!

The loom of time ,
the loop of life,
yet, lopping and striding,
Sums up the human existence.

The pain, the suffering,
the gloom, the misery,
repeatedly question, 
My persistence.

The cobwebs of thought,
I stand there distraught,
as if caught in a coop,
and constantly struggling.

And striving,
and enterprising and endeavoring,
to the best of my efforts,
I still end up in a vicious convolution!

Friday, 21 October 2011



Every time I am alone,
and suffer the pangs of creativity,
Traveling becomes my muse,
And I begin to write.

The mind contemplates,
the abstractions around me,
and the brain gets absorbed,
Into deep thoughts and reflections.

Alone in a deserted land, 
which somewhat resembled a desert,
I set out on a long journey,
To pacify the lust within.

I came across frozen lakes,
and dried up rivers,
deserted plains,
And burning hot deserts.

Then, there were remote islands,
and snow covered mountains,
their peaks gleaming, 
Like the silver lining around a cloud.

I happened to reach an abandoned place,
with no living being around,
till the point my eyes could see,
And I was totally freaked out.

The dark clouds overlaid,
and there was darkness all around,
I could neither see,
Nor cogitate.

Maybe it was night,
maybe there was dearth of light,
maybe the darkness if ignorance,
Which desperately wanted to set itself ablaze?

Probably, enlightenment,
probably, self-actualization,
probably the dawn of a new day,
Paved way for light.

The warmth of the sun,
melted the ice-cold heart,
and the bracing dew drops,
Filled it with glee.

The stoned eyes were now wet, 
With dreams of hope.
And when I woke up, it all slipped by,
And I chuckled and slept again.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


ख्वाबों के घरोंदों में,
एक झलक सी देखी  है,
कहीं ज़िन्दगी, वो तुम तो नहीं?

आसमान में उड़ते परिंदों में,
एक जीवन की आशा की है,
कहीं आकाश की सीमा कम तो नहीं?

एक टूटे हुए सपने के टुकड़ों से,
एक नया सपना संजोया है,
कही वो जुर्म तो नहीं?

एक संकुचित तन ने,
कुछ पैर पसारने की तम्मना की है,
कहीं ये सितम तो नहीं?

एक बुझे हुए मन ने,
फिर जलने की हिम्मत की है,
कहीं इसी का नाम जीवन तो नहीं?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thats Twitter!

When I signed up for twitter, I had no idea what was it all about. All that I knew was that Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Amitabh Bachchan among the other celebrities were on it. And of course, my sister too! I signed up. But, I didn't know how to *tweet*. That was the first and the last time I logged in until one day, when Sakshi, my sister, insisted me to tweet. She wanted me to be there, coz she had been there for a while and she knew it was FUN!

It was few months later, that I tweeted first. I don't even remember what it was! I didn't know what was an RT, I didn't check my mentions or DMs for the first few months. It was weird, but I was getting used to it. The irony is that I didn't care a rat's shit about followers. But, the fun part was that whoever I followed, followed me back, including the so-called "twitter celebs". I was delirious. 

Now, its about some 8 months that I've become regular on twitter. But I've still got a feeling that I am pretty new to it! Everyday brings along a new revelation. 

Twitter is nothing yet everything. Its a place where people exaggerate, fake, make indirect sly remarks, pull others down, run after followers as if they are DOLLARS! When you give it a thought, twitter is nothing but a sheer waste of time. Twitter is a place where people are trying to prove their awesomeness, and in the course, teasing and pulling down others.

Twitter begins with tweeting, but eventually it becomes a race for more followers! The hunger is insatiable. Twitter is where people say shitty, non-sensical, gross things in the guise of anonymity. Its is where we fool us into thinking that our follower count is our achievement, but actually we are wasting ourselves.

Twitter is where nobody cares but apparently they do care. Confused, eh? So am I. Twitter is where people face identity crises. Coz probably they are facing similar crises in their real lives too. That's what's bewildering. Twitter is where everyone thinks that he is better than the other. Indirect sly remarks are made to complete the assumption.

Twitter is the resthouse for bored souls. Whatever twitter is, it's a vicious circle and we are a part of it. We can turn away but cannot leave it. We love TWITTER, Like we hate Twitter!

Aptly put as "You can log out any time you want, but you just can never leave". 

Monday, 30 May 2011

जीवन एक दौड़

ज़िन्दगी की पटरियों पर,
दौड़ रहे हैं हम रेल ही तरह,
अपनी अपनी मंजिलों को,
पाने की तलाश में..

कभी ख़ुशी, कभी गम,
ये हैं वो पड़ाव,
जहाँ जहाँ रुकते हैं,
हम इस जीवन की राह में..

मिल जाते है लोग अनेक,
कुछ आम, कुछ ख़ास,
कुछ छोड़ जाते हैं,
कुछ साथ निभाते धूप-छाओं में..

जब रूकती है ये रेल गाड़ी,
अपनी मंजिल पर,
और मुड़कर पीछे देखते हैं हम,
कि क्या खोया, क्या पाया इस राह में..

रह जाती हैं सिर्फ यादें,
उन हसीं पलों की,
जिन्हें जी न पाए हम पूरी तरह,
उस मंजिल को पाने कि दौड़ में..

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Before I die!

There are things to do, 
Before I die.
There are milestones to cover,
Before I die.

There are memories to make,
Before I die.
There are rules to break,
Before I die.

There will be the dusk of an awful day,
Before I die.
The dawn of a fresh new day will break,
Before I die.

I'll traverse all the man-made boundaries,
Before I die.
I'll seek the most in every meandering,
Before I die.

I'll quench my thirst for knowledge,
Before I die.
I'll satiate my hunger for travel,
Before I die.

There are places to go,
Before I die
There are endeavours to make,
Before I die.

There are mysteries to solve,
Before I die.
There are thoughts to scribble,

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


On the threshold of night,
lies the dawn of a fresh day,
which leaves all those desperate souls,
Delirious and gay.

A sigh of relief,
a sparkle in the eyes,
when the fresh dew drops kiss,
Their cheeks and their eyes.

A spark of new hopes,
a lease of new life,
the subdued pleasures,
Had come to a new life!

The cold and heartless night,
which had left the souls forlorn,
Perished for the dawn of a virginal morning.

Chirping birds,
with feathers blue and green,
The Sun shining bright,
Gleamed from within the clouds.

Those zombies were now souls,
with emotions thronging on their faces,
The ruthless night,
Didn't even leave its traces. 

While the mortals danced around,
the chirping birds made a merry sound,
the dark and solemn gray had gone forever,
The nature had done its endeavor!


Everything dies,
So does the day,
Then comes the night,
With all its gray.

The night of endless wanderings,
of owls, insomniacs and shrieks,
Of Zombies and Vampires,
And dreams and despair.

When desperate souls,
wail in solitude,
And the creatures of night,
Search for their mates.

The dogs bark and snarl,
The wolves howl,
And the monsters take a stroll,
In the midnight, to prowl.

The stoned eyes await,
the fall of Dawn,
the first ray of light,
That leaves them astound.

Friday, 29 April 2011


This composition is dedicated to all the MEN who belong to this materialistic world, lead a hollow life, of irrelevance. They do not realize the worth of their life. In other words, a 21Century MAN.

There he stands, 
a "HOLLOW" man who breathes, 
Yet, his soul is dead.

He breathes loud as to make his presence felt,
But inside of him lies, a "heart of darkness".

He swells with pride, he swoons with pretense,
He rejoices in his gluttonous self.

His egotism knows no human bounds,
He is aloof from others' selves.

He is a zombie, who moves hence and forth,
Without contemplating all that's around him.

He looks wretched in all his conceited ways,
He only hears the disdainful words he says.

He, whose wealth, knows no bounds,
Does not realize, what future course his life abounds.

His life is forfeited, his future is doomed.
And concentrated all in its own.

Unawares that one day he will be one with the dust,
He freely lets his soul to wilt and rust.

And, that one fine day, when he becomes one,
With the soil, from where he sprung,
No one recognizes him

As he lays in his death-bed,
All they hear is an echo,
From the hollow of his morbid body and dark soul.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Longing to Travel!

Here, my thoughts and memories,
Dissolve, diffuse and dissipate,
in order to recreate,
a world of fascination and imagination,
And my heart longs to travel.

The true beauty lies in nature,
pure, authentic, exemplary in all its virtues,
which satiates the traveler in me,
And her longing for eternal bliss.

I frame the beauty of the moments,
in the form of words,
whilst I travel to destinations,
Distant and exotic.

I explore the visual aspects,
from various angles,
only to amuse myself,
and the traveller in me.

I tread on untravelled roads,
to capture the magic of an exotic place,
in my eyes, my memories, and my camera,
in all its vividness and resplendence.

Exposing myself to the sunsets and sunrise,
in all its rich and vibrant colors,
bright sky contrasting with scape,
Infuse life into me as would the colors on a canvas.

There is no dearth of amusement,
when I let my soul loose,
to explore the play of light and shadow in the mountains,
rainbows, waterfalls, seashores, the sunny beaches,
the lakeside, the plains, the deserts!

I've seen them all,
in all their splendor,
I've felt the warmth of a sunrise,
on a seashore,
I've felt the scorching heat,
in a desert.

I've felt the thrill,
of traveling through a jungle,
I've mashed up through,
the rush in metropolitans,
I've ached my neck,
Looking at the skyscrapers.

I've felt the rush during an ATV ride,
or during a safari,
I've walked into the sea,
I've taken long, tiring flights.

I've been there, done that,
Still, my eyes long for more.
I've traveled a lot,
Still, my soul is a wanderer.

There are places to go, 
Before I rest in peace.
There are patterns, details, and abstracts in nature,
That I want to observe.
Those mysteries need to be unraveled.

I want to soak myself in nature,
in its purest avatar.
Those far away, mystical places,
fascinate me,
Those interesting remote islands,
haunt me in my dreams.

and will remain! 

Monday, 28 March 2011

Moments Fade Away!

Moments fade away with time,
when you can't find the words that rhyme.
What is then left behind,
only footprints on the sand of time!

My heart still wanders ,
in the quest of the unattainable state of delirium
in search of those nights of star-gazing,
of those gentle meanderings.

My heart still wanders,
in search of that time,
when there was no dearth of time,
the precious time,which I lost in self-search.

When I look back years later,
when my hair have turned salt and pepper,
all the memories have faded away
in the fog of expeditious life!

And I find myself,
standing at one end of the shore,
where I am left with nothing,

I dread the day when,
the footprints will be washed away,
by the gushing waves of the sea,
But, I'll still be standing there,
waiting for more to come...

The memories created in my mind,
Will stand the test of time, 
Moments fade away with time,
when you cant find the words that rhyme....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MEN are chauvinist PIGS, Women are feminist Bitches!

What did you expect to read when you saw the title? I hope at least not that I would speak for the "EQUALITY OF THE SEXES". A very few women would actually do that, i.e. talk about equality when they are writing about patriarchy and feminism. 

Ours has always been a patriarchal society. While "FEMALE" is a matter of biology, "FEMINITY" is what is expected of a woman, and "FEMINIST" is a woman's political position. Being feminists, women struggle against the patriarchal order, the sexism in the society which elevates men to the positions of power and degrades women to the position of subjugation. Anyone who holds a view that women suffer due to discriminations based on their sex and gender, and protest against them is a feminist. There can be no looking back from the fact that women have been considered inferior since times immemorial. They are the disadvantaged group. Feminists are of two kinds,"The Activists" and "The Theorists". You will find more of the latter kind, almost everywhere. It doesn't take much to speak a few words or so. 

But while taking a feminist stand, one thing is mandatory. MEN have to be demeaned in the process! Or else there is no use. Actually, feminism is often used by women to purposely degrade men. By hook or by crook!!! Yep. Feminism started as a socio-political movement, but took the other way round. It renders women the power to degrade men to the position of,, errr "Chauvinist Pigs". Yeah! Thats what they are. Nobody cares to fight for the equality of men-women rights when the "Battle of the SEXES" is on! Its just headed towards making the other sex bite the dust.

According to men,women are dumb-wits, belong in the kitchen, God's most beautiful yet worst creation,they claim that they can never understand women. So, Women have to return "the favor" by calling Men ruthless brutes, insensitive, worse than dogs, etc. etc. The arguments go on..and takes many in its influence. We all love our sex,no? Well, most of us do. So we join in the cat fight. We love each other but still pretend to hate? Friendly "MEN AND WOMEN" become foes under the influence of "CHAUVINISTS AND FEMINISTS" 

When men talk of their rights, they are called chauvinists, when women talk of their rights, they are called feminists. Both have their own stands in their lives. Real feminists take a back stage while the battle of the sexes continues. The argument continues........

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic!

If you find this blog a bit exaggerating,you have no right to be called a shopaholic or to read it. Being a woman, you are bound to have that passion for shopping. Life isn't worth living if you have enough money but you lack the *zest* to spend it. A MISER might never ever realize how it feels to be a spendthrift! Being a punjabi, I have an inborn knack for spending. Being endowed with enough money and a flair for shopping, I can proudly acclaim myself to be a shopaholic! 

My BEST buys ever have to be my thousands of pairs of earrings, hundreds of pairs of footwear, a 500 something bags, dozens of lip palettes, fragrances, and so on. They are right now,"Reader's envy, Owner cum blogger's pride" ;)

Who exactly is a shopaholic? I guess I am one because whenever I spend, I get a weird satisfaction. "I walk Gucci, I speak D&G, I talk Versace". Okay, a lil bit of flaunting there. But that doesn't make me any less of a freak! A shopaholic is a creature who has shopping as his/her favorite pastime. SALE period is his/her favorite season?! Fuck spring when Sale season is on. Actually, a shopaholic is a "compulsive shopper" who shops beyond his limits, shops for things he has no need for, on an impulse, and uses shopping as a way of making him/herself feel better. In some cases, it may be an OCD or an addiction! Researches have shown that such people get a momentary uplift in their mood through it. But the pleasure is short-lived, as in any other similar task and the shopper has to go out again, roam, shop more and spend more to get that boost in hormones which make them happy! In other words, *prowl* in malls, in marketplaces, whatever! It gives them a "HIGH". YES. Okay, this is weirder," Once a shopper begins to ruin his own life by spending, his/her spendthrift ways may mess up with relationships too. In extreme cases, it may even lead to the person take credit to fulfill his/her wants! It may become an addiction just like any other addiction."

Pheww...that was scary!! I am not a *SHOPAHOLIC* in the true sense of the word. Thank God for that! It might take a few more lacs to reach that phase! Too many exclamations! Yes, I fear I may reach that phase someday. Bwahahaha ! I read it somewhere," To rid oneself of this chemical imbalance, one may even need to take anti-depressants to curb that urge to shop. 

I am still proud of being a shopaholic because I am still at the initial phase of the addiction. I enjoy every moment of it! Its recommended. If you have enough money "SPEND IT" . Its FUN! #ConfessionsofAShopaholic

Monday, 28 February 2011

Proud to be *SELFISH*

O dear! I've always wanted to write a blog.This one being my first attempt ever, kindly spare the shortcomings.The topic I chose,i.e,"Selfishness in Human Nature" has always been of keen interest to me.My ideology is not based on any books on Human Psychology or behaviourism.It is based solely on my own personal experiences which shuddered me, time and again.

We claim to love people selflessly.We claim to love them more than we love our own selves. But,its just a disbelief. That we want ourselves to believe. A human Being is not capable of loving another if he doesnt get any favor in return.Within evolutionary psychology all human traits ultimately benefit selfish genes. In economics, it is axiomatic that humans are rational pursuers of self-interest.Self-Interest is the priority.All else is subsidiary.

I want to share some of my personal experiences which eventually led me into writing this. I am sure that you may have experienced likewise at some point of life or the other. Well,most of you!

A few years back,i went for a trip abroad.All was going well,till one day,when one of my dear ones jumped into the pool to show me off his swimming skills. While swimming,as he reached halfway,he began to drown.It was a pathetic sight,Indeed. I could not help him coz I didn't know how to swim.Another one of my family member jumped into the pool for his rescue.We were relieved! But the sight became all the more complicated when She herself began to drown.It was a shock! This was the time when I realized that self-defense mechanisms work in such a way so as to bring out the selfishness in Human Being in full bloom. She pushed upon him in order to save herself from being drowned! Its not that she consciously wanted to save herself at the cost of his life.This made me realize that in the self-defense mechanism, human beings express unconscious ,unwanted,impulses or desires which may sometimes not be recognized by the conscious mind.It was a miserable and pathetic sight for me. So the "self-defense" mechanism at play at that time was self-centered. No matter how much we love our family and dear ones, "SELF"is the most important. Self-defense is the priority. It is even scientifically proven that when anxiety becomes overwhelming, the defense mechanism employed by the mind and the body  to protect the individual is highly self-centered. Anyways,a spectator came to their rescue and saved them.Thank God for that! A sigh of relief.

Man is a narcissist by nature."I,ME,MYSELF" is what matters the most. We may claim to love our loved ones more than we love ourselves. But I take such statements superficially and at their face value.Whenever someone says,"I love you more than I love myself",I judge him. Well,I love myself the MOST,and when i say this,I am being honest. 

Another incident which I remember which strengthened my viewpoint was when my Mom was hospitalized recently. She had undergone a major operation. She could not help herself to the washroom far a few days. I was supposed to help her for the same. The irony of life is that our parents sacrifice a lifetime in nurturing us. They struggle,strive the whole life through to give us the best upbringing. But when its our time to return the favor,to help them through in their old age,in their trying times,we hesitate. We may or may nor do it,but it's never at will.Its forced in most of the cases. I was supposed to help her through the daily basic necessities. I exposed myself to the *selfish* me when I became hesitant to do so.This was the  woman who cleaned my shit all through my life,without a fine line on her forehead.But when it was actually my turn to help her through her trying times,I was doubtful.I began to despise myself and realized how selfish I could be. 

The selfishness pervades not only the human sphere.We love GOD because we expect something or the other in return.