Monday, 28 March 2011

Moments Fade Away!

Moments fade away with time,
when you can't find the words that rhyme.
What is then left behind,
only footprints on the sand of time!

My heart still wanders ,
in the quest of the unattainable state of delirium
in search of those nights of star-gazing,
of those gentle meanderings.

My heart still wanders,
in search of that time,
when there was no dearth of time,
the precious time,which I lost in self-search.

When I look back years later,
when my hair have turned salt and pepper,
all the memories have faded away
in the fog of expeditious life!

And I find myself,
standing at one end of the shore,
where I am left with nothing,

I dread the day when,
the footprints will be washed away,
by the gushing waves of the sea,
But, I'll still be standing there,
waiting for more to come...

The memories created in my mind,
Will stand the test of time, 
Moments fade away with time,
when you cant find the words that rhyme....


  1. Very Nicely done.

    "in search of those nights of star-gazing,
    of those gentle meanderings."

    Reminds me of the ever so melancholic melody- 'Dil Dhoondhta hai fir wahi' from Mausam.

    Loved it. Good work.
    Keep 'em coming.

    (P.S.- I have a not-so-similar themed post here -

  2. Awesome poem this is!
    I remember the day when you said you couldn't be so creatively motivated and I told you everyone can. :D

  3. Thanks so much Shivam. You inspired me into giving the quote the form of a poem. It feels so good that you liked it :D

  4. Thank you so much Sakshi. At times, we do not realize our own potentials. At those times, you are there to push me into the right direction :D

  5. whenever i login to twitter once in month(s), i only see both of you almost taking over it with your twits & all. You have nice thoughts & blog too.
    So, hope to be friends too. :-)

  6. Loved reading it.. you made it perfect

  7. @Rohit Thanks Rohit. I hope to keep up to your expectations.

  8. @iambeingme Thanks ya! Thanks for the appreciation. :)