Sunday, 20 March 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic!

If you find this blog a bit exaggerating,you have no right to be called a shopaholic or to read it. Being a woman, you are bound to have that passion for shopping. Life isn't worth living if you have enough money but you lack the *zest* to spend it. A MISER might never ever realize how it feels to be a spendthrift! Being a punjabi, I have an inborn knack for spending. Being endowed with enough money and a flair for shopping, I can proudly acclaim myself to be a shopaholic! 

My BEST buys ever have to be my thousands of pairs of earrings, hundreds of pairs of footwear, a 500 something bags, dozens of lip palettes, fragrances, and so on. They are right now,"Reader's envy, Owner cum blogger's pride" ;)

Who exactly is a shopaholic? I guess I am one because whenever I spend, I get a weird satisfaction. "I walk Gucci, I speak D&G, I talk Versace". Okay, a lil bit of flaunting there. But that doesn't make me any less of a freak! A shopaholic is a creature who has shopping as his/her favorite pastime. SALE period is his/her favorite season?! Fuck spring when Sale season is on. Actually, a shopaholic is a "compulsive shopper" who shops beyond his limits, shops for things he has no need for, on an impulse, and uses shopping as a way of making him/herself feel better. In some cases, it may be an OCD or an addiction! Researches have shown that such people get a momentary uplift in their mood through it. But the pleasure is short-lived, as in any other similar task and the shopper has to go out again, roam, shop more and spend more to get that boost in hormones which make them happy! In other words, *prowl* in malls, in marketplaces, whatever! It gives them a "HIGH". YES. Okay, this is weirder," Once a shopper begins to ruin his own life by spending, his/her spendthrift ways may mess up with relationships too. In extreme cases, it may even lead to the person take credit to fulfill his/her wants! It may become an addiction just like any other addiction."

Pheww...that was scary!! I am not a *SHOPAHOLIC* in the true sense of the word. Thank God for that! It might take a few more lacs to reach that phase! Too many exclamations! Yes, I fear I may reach that phase someday. Bwahahaha ! I read it somewhere," To rid oneself of this chemical imbalance, one may even need to take anti-depressants to curb that urge to shop. 

I am still proud of being a shopaholic because I am still at the initial phase of the addiction. I enjoy every moment of it! Its recommended. If you have enough money "SPEND IT" . Its FUN! #ConfessionsofAShopaholic

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  1. No 1) Where is your million dresses?? You never mentioned That.

    No 2) What did you recently purchase Soo expensive that you need to
    justify it by writing this post? :P

    No 3) Perk, take a Chill Pill!! (Kuch Kuch Hota hai style)