Tuesday, 22 March 2011

MEN are chauvinist PIGS, Women are feminist Bitches!

What did you expect to read when you saw the title? I hope at least not that I would speak for the "EQUALITY OF THE SEXES". A very few women would actually do that, i.e. talk about equality when they are writing about patriarchy and feminism. 

Ours has always been a patriarchal society. While "FEMALE" is a matter of biology, "FEMINITY" is what is expected of a woman, and "FEMINIST" is a woman's political position. Being feminists, women struggle against the patriarchal order, the sexism in the society which elevates men to the positions of power and degrades women to the position of subjugation. Anyone who holds a view that women suffer due to discriminations based on their sex and gender, and protest against them is a feminist. There can be no looking back from the fact that women have been considered inferior since times immemorial. They are the disadvantaged group. Feminists are of two kinds,"The Activists" and "The Theorists". You will find more of the latter kind, almost everywhere. It doesn't take much to speak a few words or so. 

But while taking a feminist stand, one thing is mandatory. MEN have to be demeaned in the process! Or else there is no use. Actually, feminism is often used by women to purposely degrade men. By hook or by crook!!! Yep. Feminism started as a socio-political movement, but took the other way round. It renders women the power to degrade men to the position of,, errr "Chauvinist Pigs". Yeah! Thats what they are. Nobody cares to fight for the equality of men-women rights when the "Battle of the SEXES" is on! Its just headed towards making the other sex bite the dust.

According to men,women are dumb-wits, belong in the kitchen, God's most beautiful yet worst creation,they claim that they can never understand women. So, Women have to return "the favor" by calling Men ruthless brutes, insensitive, worse than dogs, etc. etc. The arguments go on..and takes many in its influence. We all love our sex,no? Well, most of us do. So we join in the cat fight. We love each other but still pretend to hate? Friendly "MEN AND WOMEN" become foes under the influence of "CHAUVINISTS AND FEMINISTS" 

When men talk of their rights, they are called chauvinists, when women talk of their rights, they are called feminists. Both have their own stands in their lives. Real feminists take a back stage while the battle of the sexes continues. The argument continues........

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  1. So basically.....men are Bastards, women are Bitches !!! The Sexless Rocks !! :D