Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Longing to Travel!

Here, my thoughts and memories,
Dissolve, diffuse and dissipate,
in order to recreate,
a world of fascination and imagination,
And my heart longs to travel.

The true beauty lies in nature,
pure, authentic, exemplary in all its virtues,
which satiates the traveler in me,
And her longing for eternal bliss.

I frame the beauty of the moments,
in the form of words,
whilst I travel to destinations,
Distant and exotic.

I explore the visual aspects,
from various angles,
only to amuse myself,
and the traveller in me.

I tread on untravelled roads,
to capture the magic of an exotic place,
in my eyes, my memories, and my camera,
in all its vividness and resplendence.

Exposing myself to the sunsets and sunrise,
in all its rich and vibrant colors,
bright sky contrasting with scape,
Infuse life into me as would the colors on a canvas.

There is no dearth of amusement,
when I let my soul loose,
to explore the play of light and shadow in the mountains,
rainbows, waterfalls, seashores, the sunny beaches,
the lakeside, the plains, the deserts!

I've seen them all,
in all their splendor,
I've felt the warmth of a sunrise,
on a seashore,
I've felt the scorching heat,
in a desert.

I've felt the thrill,
of traveling through a jungle,
I've mashed up through,
the rush in metropolitans,
I've ached my neck,
Looking at the skyscrapers.

I've felt the rush during an ATV ride,
or during a safari,
I've walked into the sea,
I've taken long, tiring flights.

I've been there, done that,
Still, my eyes long for more.
I've traveled a lot,
Still, my soul is a wanderer.

There are places to go, 
Before I rest in peace.
There are patterns, details, and abstracts in nature,
That I want to observe.
Those mysteries need to be unraveled.

I want to soak myself in nature,
in its purest avatar.
Those far away, mystical places,
fascinate me,
Those interesting remote islands,
haunt me in my dreams.

and will remain! 


  1. I never really knew you loved travelling that much but now that I do, we're gonna go a Looot of places girl. :D

  2. Yaar, mujhe bhi shaamil kar lo.

    I like your tweets & thoughts..hehe!


  3. Super duper work, dear fellow traveler :-) Loved it!

  4. yeah, we must travel. all of us must :D nice poem!