Monday, 31 October 2011

The Loom of Time!

The loom of time ,
the loop of life,
yet, lopping and striding,
Sums up the human existence.

The pain, the suffering,
the gloom, the misery,
repeatedly question, 
My persistence.

The cobwebs of thought,
I stand there distraught,
as if caught in a coop,
and constantly struggling.

And striving,
and enterprising and endeavoring,
to the best of my efforts,
I still end up in a vicious convolution!


  1. I judge a poem by how many times it made me open up my dictionary. By that standard, yours stand on the scale of ugh to O.o at O.o max! :D

  2. The pain, the suffering,
    the gloom, the misery,
    repeatedly question,
    my persistence.

    This is where you strike the reader with a big hammer and make them realize that there is so much that can be done, but on an average, there is not much done. What makes you happy then? Ignorance?

    Wonderful array of words.

  3. This is simplicite and deep all in one . I love the flow in this on

  4. the gloom of time!
    the gripe of time,
    the grape called time.
    yet, popping and prying,
    pygmies of human existence.

    No gain, yet mopping,
    in the misery, the miser.
    sisyphus said behold!
    yet persist!

    Savour - for its not sour,
    this grape called life!