Friday, 21 October 2011



Every time I am alone,
and suffer the pangs of creativity,
Traveling becomes my muse,
And I begin to write.

The mind contemplates,
the abstractions around me,
and the brain gets absorbed,
Into deep thoughts and reflections.

Alone in a deserted land, 
which somewhat resembled a desert,
I set out on a long journey,
To pacify the lust within.

I came across frozen lakes,
and dried up rivers,
deserted plains,
And burning hot deserts.

Then, there were remote islands,
and snow covered mountains,
their peaks gleaming, 
Like the silver lining around a cloud.

I happened to reach an abandoned place,
with no living being around,
till the point my eyes could see,
And I was totally freaked out.

The dark clouds overlaid,
and there was darkness all around,
I could neither see,
Nor cogitate.

Maybe it was night,
maybe there was dearth of light,
maybe the darkness if ignorance,
Which desperately wanted to set itself ablaze?

Probably, enlightenment,
probably, self-actualization,
probably the dawn of a new day,
Paved way for light.

The warmth of the sun,
melted the ice-cold heart,
and the bracing dew drops,
Filled it with glee.

The stoned eyes were now wet, 
With dreams of hope.
And when I woke up, it all slipped by,
And I chuckled and slept again.


  1. Nice poems. Do visit my Friend poetric blog at thanks

  2. Beautiful poem on an epic journey called Life!!

  3. Can relate to this piece here... so thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

  4. Wonderfully described the flow of events.. from the moment you start dreaming to the final end, the reality. Its more like an account of daydreaming.. the favorite hobby of most of us.