Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thats Twitter!

When I signed up for twitter, I had no idea what was it all about. All that I knew was that Rahul Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, Amitabh Bachchan among the other celebrities were on it. And of course, my sister too! I signed up. But, I didn't know how to *tweet*. That was the first and the last time I logged in until one day, when Sakshi, my sister, insisted me to tweet. She wanted me to be there, coz she had been there for a while and she knew it was FUN!

It was few months later, that I tweeted first. I don't even remember what it was! I didn't know what was an RT, I didn't check my mentions or DMs for the first few months. It was weird, but I was getting used to it. The irony is that I didn't care a rat's shit about followers. But, the fun part was that whoever I followed, followed me back, including the so-called "twitter celebs". I was delirious. 

Now, its about some 8 months that I've become regular on twitter. But I've still got a feeling that I am pretty new to it! Everyday brings along a new revelation. 

Twitter is nothing yet everything. Its a place where people exaggerate, fake, make indirect sly remarks, pull others down, run after followers as if they are DOLLARS! When you give it a thought, twitter is nothing but a sheer waste of time. Twitter is a place where people are trying to prove their awesomeness, and in the course, teasing and pulling down others.

Twitter begins with tweeting, but eventually it becomes a race for more followers! The hunger is insatiable. Twitter is where people say shitty, non-sensical, gross things in the guise of anonymity. Its is where we fool us into thinking that our follower count is our achievement, but actually we are wasting ourselves.

Twitter is where nobody cares but apparently they do care. Confused, eh? So am I. Twitter is where people face identity crises. Coz probably they are facing similar crises in their real lives too. That's what's bewildering. Twitter is where everyone thinks that he is better than the other. Indirect sly remarks are made to complete the assumption.

Twitter is the resthouse for bored souls. Whatever twitter is, it's a vicious circle and we are a part of it. We can turn away but cannot leave it. We love TWITTER, Like we hate Twitter!

Aptly put as "You can log out any time you want, but you just can never leave". 


  1. I SO AGREE.

    Awesome one. :D

  2. Agree on most of the points. Its a distraction. A waste of time. The only productive thing probably being that you get to know about news pretty quickly.

    Well written, Brilliant! :)

  3. Thanks Hardik. And, I so agree with you. :)

  4. I slightly disagree with you. Twitter is also a platform for those who want to showcase as well as enhance their creative skills. Also, its a great medium of marketing oneself or the organization.

    I liked the style of writing though!!

  5. Ooh, I star in the blog! YAYiiee!!
    Well, when I started reading this post, I was hoping it would have a different ending. But yes, Twitter is all of this along with a social catalyst of thought processing. It makes us think, it makes us articulate and it makes us more informed about everything and nothing.
    Lovely post girl! :D

  6. well said. there are some who use it in a brilliant way. let all enjoy

  7. @sukhkarni

    a) Twitter is a place where an ordinary man like me can Shock Anna/Kiran & even Kejriwal (not boasting) Many media houses/ newspapers / political parties do read me and I constantly find my tweets being used as an arguing point

    Hence disporved .. Twitter is a place for Celebrities to Boost their ego.

    b ) The unfollowing & ego is a part of normal behaviour, but yes at times people get carried away. I though am mature enough to say my viewpoint and let the other keep his or her

    c) Do not underestimate twitter "

    sukhkarni Pratiksha @
    @EighthHorcrux Once you get used to twitter, all other networking
    sites seem shitty. Innit? ;) " you said this just now

    That made me come to this blog :p

    no one has the time to read blogs, only fools like me or Vella's read them,
    But Microblogs are searchedon hashtags and stored, analysed / studied and documented by market researchers & politicians. Trending may not be real sruvey because it doesnt depict the entire universe, total twitter is less Than Dilli/ Mumbai / Kolkata
    & I am @ 202238 out of whole, & I am a nobody

    But But But

    Among us it shows the trend

    When studied , geographically , racially , caste wise, it gives an accurate analysis of this set of enducated upper than middle class, english spaking, mobile / net u7sers who watch movies in plexes , go to Mcd or Pizza Hut, CCD / starbucks & buy UCB during sale

    on Twitter ( though the douchebag may be tweeting from a chines phone via sms, wearing a kachcha, maybe wearing a lungi , eating kurmure and mukka pyaz

    But he tweets UCB/ CCD means someday CCd will get him

    So twitter is a market to catch new consumers & voters

    It is important to be here these days
    and also speak out and be heard
    and get the latest news befor your neigbouring gossip sheela bhabhi does

    Aila Itna Lamba

    Nice blog post gal

    You are really bang on target

    My views are mine , but I respect yours

    Affected topics by tweeting
    1 Getting FII's to India when ET said market will touch 1500
    2 Preventing Government using Indian Army against Maovadi's
    3 Giving Anna Hazare & company a diarhoea
    4 Getting Corporates to invest In Kolkata

    So Prateeksha if you have an issue close to your heart
    Do tweet about it
    It does reach the right people

    example #Here2Help

    Shub Ratri

  8. i agree to u...100 %.
    That wat was the same i felt 2.

  9. You have a way with words, very enjoyable are your insights, keep them flowing!

  10. hello pratiksha....very well written..dnt knw but i am also addicted to twitter and smhow reached your account and thn your me to explore more about twitter......

  11. Twitter is a lot of things. It's everything you said it was, but there is a positive side to it too. Besides the whole speedy news, bring on a revolution stuff, it's also a great platform to meet likeminded people. I've meet great bloggers and people who share the same interests as me. Twitter is a great platform to discuss. Unlike Facebook, most of the people on Twitter are complete strangers and I like that. They might be "fake" but they are doing no harm. It's what you take out of twitter. One can fine anything on it if you look for it, and yet it's time consuming and yes one gets carried away in the "follower" race, but personally I haven't met anyone "bringing down" anyone else. On the contrary found it to be quite a supportive community.

  12. Neat!

    Everything tweeted and done, different people are here for different reasons but one thing binds us all - the undying urge to be a part of something that's not visible in the real world (or maybe it is but i ain't sure!).

    Keep tweeting. More importantly, keep writing.