Tuesday, 3 May 2011


On the threshold of night,
lies the dawn of a fresh day,
which leaves all those desperate souls,
Delirious and gay.

A sigh of relief,
a sparkle in the eyes,
when the fresh dew drops kiss,
Their cheeks and their eyes.

A spark of new hopes,
a lease of new life,
the subdued pleasures,
Had come to a new life!

The cold and heartless night,
which had left the souls forlorn,
Perished for the dawn of a virginal morning.

Chirping birds,
with feathers blue and green,
The Sun shining bright,
Gleamed from within the clouds.

Those zombies were now souls,
with emotions thronging on their faces,
The ruthless night,
Didn't even leave its traces. 

While the mortals danced around,
the chirping birds made a merry sound,
the dark and solemn gray had gone forever,
The nature had done its endeavor!


  1. Loved the last para.. perfect one

  2. Thanks so much guys! Much cherished appreciation. :)

  3. Quite brilliant! Yes, the dawn indeed brings with itself, a new HOPE! :)