Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Everything dies,
So does the day,
Then comes the night,
With all its gray.

The night of endless wanderings,
of owls, insomniacs and shrieks,
Of Zombies and Vampires,
And dreams and despair.

When desperate souls,
wail in solitude,
And the creatures of night,
Search for their mates.

The dogs bark and snarl,
The wolves howl,
And the monsters take a stroll,
In the midnight, to prowl.

The stoned eyes await,
the fall of Dawn,
the first ray of light,
That leaves them astound.


  1. liked it , interesting but maybe a bit incomplete !

  2. An act of kindness
    A word of soothing love
    A hand for the helpless
    A few grains for a dove

    They see no end or death
    They never fade with time
    Its not the value or worth
    In millions or just a dime

    The day might die for a night
    But the night too dies for dawn
    Love in your heart with might
    Lives forever beyond dusk or dawn....

  3. What awesome poetry @Mast Calendar. Is that your own composition? Beautiful :)

  4. Nice. You have quite a knack for writing inspirational poetry. Keep them coming :)