Friday, 21 September 2012

A journey called Life

Born a dreamer,
I fear I might die a loser,
The expectations and the resultant frustration,
Weigh too heavy upon me.

The eyelids too soft,
To carry the dreams too big,
Unfortunate enough to be blessed,
With wings of iron and stone.

Keeping my hopes and head held high,
I still tread into the skies unknown,
the pathways dark and untravelled,
With my heart agonized and forlorn.

A journey unto nowhere,
unawares of the consequences,
Through lands so dark,
I can neither see my future, nor remember my past.

With nothing else but a handful of dreams,
eyes brimming with hope,
heart lost in randomness,
Situations so bewildering, unable to cope.

All I need is a guiding finger,
to lead me through this deserted road called life,
unto a staircase which extends ,
into the skies of my unfulfilled aspirations.

Let my heart be a kite,
Let it fly so high,
that one fine day,
It for sure reaches the sky!


  1. Crafted with care, from the deep blackness the lines finally finds a ray of white to look upon.

  2. a very beautiful piece of writing,
    but I would say to be optimistic. If no finger comes to guide through the deserted road called life, then be your guiding finger and show yourself the way.. thats the easiest and affordable way...